Saturday, October 17, 2015

Emponas of Rhode

The woman's costume Embonas considered one of the most beautiful in Greece.

The costume consists of a white shirt, the "malola" when it gathers or "Grispos" when it does not. The front and sleeves are decorated with many ornaments and colorful embroidery.

The skirt is wide, full of folds and colors.
The daily dress is blue woven, while the official dress - worn on Sundays and holidays - consists of black shiny fabric. The bust, which is stitched together with the skirt is tight and lifts up his chest, reminding the ancient women's clothing that we see in Minoan frescoes of Knossos.

It is said that in prehistoric times the Minoans colonized Rhodes and left the high culture, not only in the peaceful nature of the people, but also in popular culture and in particular in authentic traditional costume of women of Embonas.

To complement the impressive costume of the island, women wearing a colorful head scarf, which they call "akrivomantilo" or "tsoullato".

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