Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Intro to Sarakatsana Woman Costumes


(Left: Sarakatsan Woman of Attica, Right Sarakatsan Woman of Epirus)

The Sarakatsans is Greek population with characteristic customs and lifestyle. Considered the cradle Pindos they were spread across most of mainland Greece. Pastoralists living in regime closed patriarchal society. From the early 19th to mid-20th century they moved between Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia. After the settlement of the Greek border in 1923 their movements are restricted in Greece. Large Sarakatsani tseligata sustained in the late 40s.

Today Sarakatsans have abandoned farming and nomadism and live within the wider community.

(1935: Marriage. Women Sarakatsanou with rag rough and aprons, stuffed with froutopodies panaoules | Source http://www.sarakatsani-folk-museum.gr/index.php?page=2 )

The woman costume of Sarakatsan is characterized by chromatic rigor and presents local variations.Three varieties of female sarakatsani costume. From left to right: Epirus, Thessaly and Central Macedonia, and the so-called "Kassandrino".

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