Thursday, November 12, 2015

Kastoria - Woman's Town Dress

1. Woman from the book of LD Siokos "Clothes and society Kleisoura"
2. "Woman's Town Dress, Kastoriani" illustration by Nicolas Sperling, 1930
3. Stamco Greek traditional costumes of Kastoria, Western Macedonia, Greece.

The traditional costume consisting of a sleeveless jacket, the "Countess" (there are also some versions sleeved vest) usually felt and decorated with rich gold embroidery on which are mounted several series of coins.
The luxurious long dress is adorned with a hem and waist ties the silver or gold belt.
The red fez adorned with coins and tassels. Characteristic is the way Kastorians noblewomen wove their hair and then the fastened around his fez.
The internal parts of the costume is the shirt, usually white or off-white color with lace neck and sleeves and baboukli, a kind of furan to become more inflatable dress.

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